Aar Maanta

‘Aar Maanta has been defined as “the voice of his generation”. Usually these kinds of definitions are conferred on music legends or seminal artists, not young, developing musicians. However, in this instance the expressiveness and penetrating quality of the music belie this Somali artist’s age.’ (Marco Canepari: Rhythm Passport)

‘Uplifting and inspiring, mind-blowing and exciting.’ (Ben Yung: Revue)

Frustrated by what he describes as the “lack of modern original Somali music”, Aar Maanta established his own recording studio Horn 2 Groove, going on to produce his own records with original songs, releasing his debut album Hiddo & Dhaqan in early 2009. He has since worked with various critically acclaimed artists including Maciek Pysz and Ahmed ‘Hudeydi’ Ismail Hussein.

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