Rafiki Jazz

‘The most diverse band in the UK, a host of musicians spanning four continents with refugee artists at its heart & immense sincerity and compassion coursing through their songs.’ (Sashwati Mira Sengupta: Satellite State Disko)

‘Loved seeing Rafiki Jazz last night! A stunning, virtuosic, internationalist show.’ (Nancy Kerr: BBC R2 Folk Singer of the Year)

This unique cross-continental collective performs a compelling live repertoire of devotional world music that draws on Pakistan and Senegal’s mystic Sufi traditions and ancient Middle Eastern Coptic and Hebrew liturgy, driven by the pulse of the orishas of Brazil’s candomble and the momentum of Indian sangeet. Rafiki Jazz can reduce or expand in size to suit intimate basement bars or festival stages but always produce their own very special music.

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