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Rafiki Jazz are live in Trance-iT through 2016 celebrating ritual & trance, passion & dance

Arabic Trance-IT

With a third CD album release coming up to mark a 10th year of recording and touring adventures, world music collective Rafiki Jazz gather together a compelling new soundtrack that draws on Pakistan & Senegal’s mystic Sufi traditions, ancient Middle Eastern Coptic liturgy, and the orishas of Brazil’s Candomble.   Aka Trance in Transit, each performance is an invitation to visit a new global utopia where faiths, technologies and traditions meet

‘The most diverse band in the UK, a host of musicians spanning four continents with refugee artists at its heart & immense sincerity and compassion coursing through their songs’ (Sashwati Mira Sengupta: Satellite State Disko)

Sarah Yaseen: Urdu, Punjabi & English vocals, derbuka
Avital Raz: Hebrew, Hindi & English vocals, tanpura
Mina Salama: Arabic vocals, oud, ney & kawala flutes, duduk
Kadialy Kouyate: Mandinke & Wolof vocals, kora, sabar & khin drums
Cath Carr: guitar, steelpans
Tony Koni: bass guitar, sabar
Johnny Ball: tabla, derbuka
Guery Tibirica: berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque, gumbe, capoeira

video taster http://vimeo.com/konimusic/dam-mast-qalandar
website www.rafikijazz.co.uk

enquiries & bookings for Trance-It performances May to November
info@konimusic.co.uk +44 (0)114 346 3047 or +44 (0) 07753 129888


RAFIKI (friends) JAZZ (freedom)…the collective with a seriously collaborative attitude

Onstage Rafiki Jazz lead from the front, with inspirational Sufi singer Sarah Yaseen & star Hebrew & Hindi vocalist Avital Raz featured alongside ace Senegalese griot Kadialy Kouyate and Egyptian oud and ney virtuoso Mina Salama.

You can already see why Rafiki Jazz are tagged #GLOBAL UTOPIANS! Add in a hot and exotic backline of Caribbean steelpans, hi-life guitar & tanpura drone with Indian tabla & Brazilian berimbau plus deep electric bass, and this amazing world music group’s cross-continental trajectory is clear..

This unique RAFIKIAN style of original contemporary global heritage music has travelled from the BBC Radio 3 stage at Womad Charlton Park, to sellout Southbank audiences at London African Music Festival and Refugee Week’s Celebrating Sanctuary Festival, and on to amazed rural village audiences and at distant Tasmania’s 10 Days on the Island Festival..

Rafiki Jazz can reduce or expand in size to suit intimate basement bars or festival stages but always produce their own very special music.


‘three continents, one groove: their delightfully open, brilliantly sunshine sound is the kind of unforced, effortlessly natural cultural collaboration to strike fear into the nearest BNP supporter’ (Nigel Tassell: Womad Charlton Park)

Here are a few recent PERFORMANCE REVIEWS:

‘unmissably intimate & vibey grooves dancing across world language, genre & culture frontiers’
(DJ Ellie Wright: Worthy FM at Glastonbury Festival)

‘In other hands, this combination might seem dangerous, even toxic, but Rafiki Jazz pull it off beautifully, making sweet sounds with a beautiful fusion twist. They were the perfect sound track to a laid back hour in Radio 3’s home amidst the trees! (Simon Cross: Womad BBC R3 Stage)

‘It was a fabulous gig.. loved it, and the composition of musicians, it really worked. Great music you’re creating! (Wallee McDonald: St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation & Peace, London)

And the NEW ALBUM ‘At Kriol Junction’ (KoniCDE010) is now out!

‘Dance music without beats? It can be done! An assured follow-up album, admirably uncompromising’
(4*stars: Howard Male, Songlines Magazine 100th Edition 2014)

‘nine tracks of fascinatingly politicised music with a definite Middle-Eastern and African lilt.. delivering a powerful message, a pervasive commentary on contemporary issues of refugees and human rights’
(Sasha Levy-Andersson, Now Then Magazine)

‘an album that transcends the norm..music that just had to be made’
(Simon Rowland, R2 magazine)

‘One of 2014’s most beautiful records, At Kriol Junction..sounds from around the world respond to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights’           (Glastonbury DJ Ellie Wright’s Global Beat: Top World Music Records of 2014)

‘Rafiki Jazz is possibly one of the most diverse bands in the UK..a host of musicians spanning three continents with UK refugee artists at its heart & immense sincerity and compassion coursing through their tracks’ (Sashwati Mira Sengupta of Satellite State Disko: Albums we have loved 2014)

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/rafiki-jazz

Watch: http://vimeo.com/konimusic/insaaniyat

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/rafikijazz   https://twitter.com/rafikijazz                                                                                                                              

Bookings & more info: www.konimusic.co.uk/contact +44(0)114 346 3047

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