We are a well-established world music development and booking agency, and run KoniCD a small record label for selected artists. We connect our brilliant roster of international artists and bands to programmers and promoters at venues and festivals across the UK and beyond.We also work on selected projects to tour or develop world music and musicians, and are experienced fundraisers, producers & managers.We love to bring you our music live and direct, contemporary but traditional, and have enough experience and know-how to get the best from our artists onstage and to give you what you need to promote them too.We’re small-scale but have a long reach across the continents, and we like to dance to new beats and hear local songs from far away…

Artists & Bands

Konimusic artists & bands are either UK-based or ready for UK-touring.
They are also available for touring worldwide.

Hassan Salih Nour (Sudan)
Kadialy Kouyate (Senegal)
Awale (Global/UK)
Calaita Flamenco Son (Spain/UK)
Stella Chiweshe (Zimbabwe)
Kudaushe Matimba & Harare (Zimbabwe/UK)
Rafiki Jazz (Global/UK)
Haymanot Tesfa (Ethiopia)
Acacusine Danto (Libya) (was Danto Aiyya)
Hassan Erraji (Morocco)
Zee Guveya’s Heritage Survival Band (Zimbabwe)
Sisters in Mbira (Zimbabwe)
Avital Raz (Jerusalem)
Arash Sabet (Iran)


Directors: Tony Bowring, Dr Tony Bennett, Martine Miel
Production Manager: Joana Correia da Silva
Marketing Advisor: Fran Graham

Konimusic Ltd
A not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee
Registered in England & Wales April 2005
Registered number 05440662,
Registered Office: Konimusic Ltd, Roco Creative Co-op, 283 Glossop Rd

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