Konimusic produces world music : contemporary but traditional

Konimusic started as a not-for-profit company in 2005 and has a strong,  specialist presence across the UK world music, folk & jazz sectors, & internationally

We provide a platform for traditional & popular international music (world music) across the UK and promote & support the professional development of a diverse community of inspiring UK-based emerging artists to create opportunities for them in the music mainstream

We have a strong focus on getting women artists & bands centre-stage, work closely with musicians with refugee & migrant backgrounds, and stay connected with artists locally, regionally & nationally.

We provide performance opportunities & bookings for Konimusic artists with world music promoters, festival and events organisers, 

We curate world music programmes, produce tours, audio recordings & music videos, and often work in partnership with the academic & cultural arts sectors.

Our artists & bands are mostly UK-based

global women

Stella Chiweshe (Germany/Zimbabwe) traditional mbira player-singer, bandleader
Millie Chapanda (UK/Zimbabwe) traditional mbira player-singer, percussionist
                                                                                   Haymanot Tesfa (UK/Ethiopia) contemporary Amharic singer & krar-player                                                                                         Sarah Yaseen (UK/Kashmir) traditional & contemporary Sufi soul singer-songwriter

Iryna Muha (UK/Ukraine) East-European contemporary singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar & hurdy-gurdy player
Renu (Berlin/UK/Bengal) electro-roots percussionist, producer, composer
Radiant Arcadia (Denmark/International) global roots all-women band
Noga Ritter (UK/Israel) Afro-jazz singer-songwriter, bandleader, workshops

Valentina Montoya Martinez (Scotland/Chile) Latin-Am folk, tango, singer-songwriter, bandleader
Kaitlin Ross (Scotland) traditional Gaelic singer, bandleader, collaborator
Mariachi Las Adelitas (Mex/Cuba/Colombia/UK) all women classic mariachi dance band
Unnati (UK/India) singer-songwriter of Indian classical, Sufi and bhajan soul-jazz music

global artists & bands

Mina Mikhail Salama (UK/Egypt) traditional Coptic-Arabic singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist
Rafiki Jazz (UK/Africa/India/Middle East/S. America) global roots stars, five continents one groove
Kudaushe Matimba’s Harare (UK/Zimbabwe) contemporary-traditional marimba-led Zimbabwe dance band
Hassan Salih Nour (UK/Sudan) traditional singer, tanbura (lyre) player, bandleader.
Awale Jant Band (UK/Senegal/France) Afrobeat & Senegal soul dance band
Kadialy Kouyate (UK/Senegal) modern griot, kora player, singer-songwriter, bandleader
Aar Maanta (UK/Somalia) contemp Somalian electro-folk, singer, bandleader
Arash Sabet (UK/Iran) popular Gilaki & Farsi folk singer-songwriter
Zee Guveya & Heritage Survival (UK/Zimbabwe) contemporary Zimbabwean guitar dance band
Hassan Erraji (UK/Morocco) singer, oud, violin player: traditional Berber roots meets jazz
Acacusine Danto Aya (UK/Tuareg) desert blues singer-guitarist
Calaita Flamenco Son (UK/Spain) traditional Flamenco ensemble led by Chico Pere & Glenn Sharp
Silk & Bamboo Quartet (UK/China) contemporary-traditional Chinese folk ensemble
Kasai Masai (UK/C&E Africa) contemporary Equatorial village guitar dance grooves

Ruhaani (UK/India/Pakistan) Sufi-folk & Indian classical trio

Konimusic Ltd
A not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee
Registered in England & Wales April 2005
Registered number 05440662

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