Valentina & Voces Del Sur



‘In the hands of Valentina Montoya Martínez music is a gloriously international affair’ (The Sunday Times)

Valentina and Voces del Sur features wonderful Chilean exile singer Valentina Montoya Martínez and Scottish virtuoso guitarist David A Russell. Valentina is Chile’s leading female folk & tango singer in the UK, a singer-songwriter with a passion for Latin American roots music and culture. Her aim is to disseminate folk traditions from her native Chile and Latin America, to tell her own stories and those of her people and their ancestors.

Based in Edinburgh, her band Voces del Sur (Voices of the South) migrates, keeps alive and re-animates songs & dance music from the enduring & so vibrant Latin-American folk & Nueva Cancion repertoire, with performances that feature the complex rhythms and seductively melancholic melodies of chacareras & zambas, joropos, valses & cuecas along with classic Cuban son & Afro-Peruvian folklore.

Her band has toured widely, with concerts throughout the UK, as well as in Chile, Greece and Portugal, and continues to record & release live & studio albums, whilst Valentina also performs & records with tango ensemble Mr McFall’s Chamber, as well as writing & publishing her poetry & short stories. 

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