Acacusine Danto Aya

This proud Tuareg musician from Ghat in the south of Libya invites the lonely desert spirits to come alive & play together, with his electrifying drone-blues guitar-picking and gently rhythmic singing in the Amazigh (Berber) language of Tamasheq 

Danto’s music comes from his early memories of singing and drumming for circling camel riders back home in his village, from his later life as a young man with his first guitar performing in the city of Tripoli with his friend the legendary Tuareg artist Selamy, and now from his time in exile in London.

Danto has been writing, singing and playing his own songs in the UK as a solo artist and with his Acacus Band since his debut onstage at Manchester Town Hall as part of the 2010 Exodus Festival of Refugee Arts, and has since played numerous UK stages including Wigan One World, London Celebrating Sanctuary, Musicport Festival , Rich Mix, Platforma Conference & Festival, Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, Sheffield’s Sensoria Festival & Global Soundtracks.

‘they put together a performance on the South Sea Stage of such deep meaning and gentle beauty that the crowd cried..’
(Epoch Times @ Musicport Festival)

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