Awalé Jant Band

Soaring soulful vocals &
a host of horns, trumpets, sax, electric guitar and traditional Senegalese drums all feature on Awale Jant Band’s new album – YEWOULEN – West African soul recorded and mixed in the heart of South London!

‘’A truly magical and uplifting cross-cultural collaboration bringing together Afro-Latin, Funk and Soul elements with a Senegalese twist. The wonderful voice of Biram Seek and Thibaut Remy’s compositions make for an unmissable combo. A Must See!’’  (Tim Garcia : Jazz FM/Musica Macondo)
“Bringing a distinctive eastern take on Afrobeat”  (Lopa Kothari: BBC Radio 3)
”Awale are doing something different with Afrobeat and I do like it.”  (The late Charlie Gillett: BBC Radio)

Awalé Jant Band deliver a highly individual and eclectic sound, rich with Senegalese soulfulness, Afrobeat grooves & a twist of Latin and smooth Afro-Jazz. Led by Senegalese singer Biram Seck and French guitarist Thibaut Remy, they host musicians from across the globe with a sound driven by traditional Senegalese sabar & tama drums played by Kaw Secka and Medoune Ndiaye. They are joined by Kevin Toublant (bass), Laurence Wilkins (trumpet) John Martin (sax) and Ben Brown (drums). This vibrant London-based band returns to the scene this year with Yewoulen! (Wake Up!) a fine nine-song album release for 2020 on ARC International label, showcasing their multicultural strengths and some very sophisticated arrangements. The album features Seck’s soaring Wolof language vocals underpinned by  the poised & very soulful musical foundations provided by Remy’s arrangements & production
‘I love music because it is a means of communicating ideas to broaden minds and build an integrated world… a world of peace!’ says Seck.
‘We’d like people to feel with this music that it kind of joins the dots between cultures.’ says Remy.

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